Fornecimento de vidro isolado Duralite Superspacer

In most cases,the glass U value means the thermal conductivity of the glass center,the lower U value ,the better thermal insulation performance.But for windows and doors,the U value of Windows and doors are decided by several factors, the glass U value, aluminium profile or UPVC/wood profile U value ,and the glass edge thermal conductivity,Glass edge thermal conductivity plays an important role in deciding the overall windows thermal insulation performance.

Most insulated glass use aluminium spacer,stainless steel spacer,and warm edge spacer .

Quanex company in Houstin,Texas designs and produces energy-efficient fenestration products,the most famous products are warm edge spacers used in insulated glass which can decrease the glass edge thermal conductivity significantly -It’s Duralite and Super spacer,which are the most typical products stands for single seal spacers and dual seal spacers.

Duralite is an insulated glass edge seal system constructed which is made with unique Composite Laminating Technology. Duralite is pre-assembled with necessary insulated glass sealing components, including sealant, spacer and desiccant to create a high-performance durable single seal spacer system.

Quanex’s Super Spacer® Standard, featuring Polymer EPDM (Ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer) construction, dependably delivers high performance for insulating glass units, including excellent resistance to ozone, weathering, water and aging, while maintaining its flexibility through wide changes in temperature and barometric pressure.

The main difference between Duralite and Super spacer are:Duralite works as single seal spacers,it’s not necessary to have secondary sealant,but for some big panels,polysulfide polysulphie sealant will be used to enhance the IGU structural performance.

Super spacer must have secondary hot melt buytl to have better water and air tightness.

The production of both warm edge spacer can be viewed here:

Grills or,decorative bars inside glass are available to get better visual appearance.

Glass lite are standard but not limited to clear glass,low iron glass,baixo e vidro,hard coated low e glass,triple silver low e glass to meet different energy efficient requirement.

More and more oversea clients are sourcing professional China warm edge spacer glass manufacturers,but in most cases,the factories producing warm edge IGU are mostly produce decorative glass.There’s no large scale factories specializing in producing warm edge spacer IGU.

Morn will invest in this new insulated glass and introduce dual straight lines to produce the warm edge spacer vidro isolado,the equipment will include:

Washing machine,transit lines,insulating line,hot pressing lines.

Fornecimento de vidro isolado Duralite Superspacer

Soon Morn will be able to manufacture and supply below products:

Duralite warm edge spacer insulated glass

Duraseal warm edge spacer insulated glass

Super spacer insulated glass

Other warm edge spacer insulated glass.

Morn is growing fast and strive to enlarge our product lines and meet every clients architectural glass requirement,contact us through to know more about us.

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